How to add tables to your Wordpress post or page

Tabulizer for Wordpress has the exact same list of featutes as the Tabulizer for Joomla, that allow users to:

  • Create professionally looking table with no HTML/CSS skils!
    Just use one of the pre-built table templates (aka presets or rulesets). The number of table templates or rulesets is unlimited and you can create them using the online creation wizard, build them yourself or someone else from scratch using Tabulizer's plugin control panel or ask us to build a template specifically for your needs. The basic design principle is build once, use many times.
  • Do table data transformations
    The table templates are called "rulesets" to emphasize the fact that they are much more than visual styling. A ruleset can contain instructions on how to change the data format, do simple or custom numerica calculations, find statistical data, highlight min/max and much more.
  • Import data from external files
    Use Tabulizer to import data from an Excel file (including contained images!) or a CSV file (comma or other delimiter separated file).
  • Link your Wordpress table to an dynamic data source
    Do you want your table in a wordpress article to get updated automatically every time an extrnal Excel file is updated? With Tabulizer this is like a breeze! You just create a data source for the Excel file and you insert it in your article. Of course, you can control all visual/styling aspects of the produced table. The table data can come form an external file, a remote web page or another WP post.
  • Convert your Wordpress tables to graph
    Just use the online graph creation wizard to produce the desired graph ruleset and use it to display normal tables like graphs. The tables can be edited like normal tables and any change you make will automatically be shown in the corresponding graph.
  • Re-Tabulize existing table and beautify them
    Not everybody is a HTML/CSS expert. With Tabulizer you can reTabulize an existing WP table and apply a new look that will turn a dull table to an awesome one.
  • Responsive design, table pagination, table sorting, table search filtering and much more
    For a complete list of the available features please visit the features page.
In order to get the best table plugin for your Wordpress site click here to download it. Below there is a short demo of the basic usage, i.e. how to create a simple table in WP using plain text, just to get an idea. For more demos browse the demos pages.