EventBlender is an offspring of Tabulizer that was developed to display a calendar or a list of events from various sources, such as a Facebook group, a Google calendar, an Excel file, a CSV/Text file, a database query, the JEvents Joomla extension, a remote XML page or a remote HTML table properly formatted, etc. It is possible to display events from a selected source only, or merge (combine) events from multiple sources and display them as a singe unit. Similarly to Tabulizer, it is possible to apply rules that will filter, transform, replace or style the various elements of the resulting calendar/event list.

The generated events calendar can be inserted anywhere on the site, including Joomla articles, custom modules or 3rd party extensions. EventBlender can be easily translated into multiple languages, even though the calendar literals (month names, day names, etc) are already translated into 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Russian) so most of you will not have to translate anything.

April 2020 Update:

Due to an issue with the Facebook API that we are currently working on, EventBlender is temporarily unavailable. We make strong efforts to make it available for download again.

Top features
  • Aggregate events from multiple calendars, including Google calendars and Facebook group events.
  • Extract events from various file types, such as Excel, CSV, XML, HTML when they are properly formatted.
  • Support for JEvents, which means you can combine events published on your site with events published elsewhere (e.g. a Facebook group).
  • Combine events from various sources and display them in a single unit.
  • Apply a list of “rules” that will remove or modify items from the event list.
  • Display anywhere on your site, including articles and modules.
  • Multilingual – Can be easily translated to your local language, if a translation is not already available.