Tabulizer offers the following dynamic features for table sorting, pagination and filtering:


You can sorting all the table columns, all exclude a specific number of them. Sorting is done automatically, based on the data type of the column, but you can overwrite that by creating your own sorting function, which is very useful in more advanced cased.


You can specify how many table rows you want on each page and have some customization over the pagination controls. When the server side feature is enabled, the pagination will allow you to load only the relevant page, not the full table data which is a huge performance improvement.


When it comes to filtering you have many options. The basic table filter will apply the search term to all table data, while the column filters can be used to filter specific columns. You can also specify the search controls (input box, select drop-down), the search method (full match, partial match, range of values).

Do you want to try?
Visit the online table creation wizard and on step #4 explorer the various sorting, pagination and filtering options.