Tabulizer has built-in functionality to act as an advanced RSS Feed Reader. It supports the following formats/specifications:

  • RSS2
  • Atom

What makes Tabulizer a unique solution when it comes to reading RSS feeds is its extensibility. You can have an unlimited number of rules, each corresponding to a separate feature, to fine tune your reader and do things like:

  • Add pagination and filtering
  • Highlight items that contain certain words
  • Remove items that contain certain words
  • Limit the number of news items, characters per description, show or hide included images, optionally strip html tags or not and so onAdd your own headers/extra rows
  • Combine feeds from various sources (no limit)
  • Use URL parameters to customize the RSS Feed URL.
  • Choose the format of the published date or hide the published date
  • Style the resulting table any way you want. No more limited styling presets.
  • Make it responsive to fit well in smaller resolution screens (smart phones and tablets).
  • Enable caching, so the feed is displayed faster
  • Support for UTF-8 and other encodings
  • Add resulting output anywhere you wish (articles, posts, pages, modules, plugins, 3rd party extensions, etc). Just add the data source tag you are ready to go.
  • Developers (or anyone with limited knowledge of PHP) have the freedom to do anything they want with the use of modification functions.
Do you want to try?
Visiting the demo page for the RSS feeds.