We are planning to offer add-ons for Tabulizer that will improve significantly the functionality in certain areas.

The first add-on is EventBlender, an offspring of Tabulizer that was developed to display a calendar or a list of events from various sources, such as a Facebook group, a Google calendar, an Excel file, a CSV/Text file, a database query, the JEvents Joomla extension, a remote XML page or a remote HTML table properly formatted, etc. It is possible to display events from a selected source only, or merge (combine) events from multiple sources and display them as a singe unit. Similarly to Tabulizer, it is possible to apply rules that will filter, transform, replace or style the various elements of the resulting calendar/event list.

Top EventBlender features

  • Aggregate events from multiple calendars, including Google calendars and Facebook group events.
  • Extract events from various file types, such as Excel, CSV, XML, HTML when they are properly formatted.
  • Support for JEvents, which means you can combine events published on your site with events published elsewhere (e.g. a Facebook group).
  • Combine events from various sources and display them in a single unit.
  • Apply a list of “rules” that will remove or modify items from the event list.
  • Display anywhere on your site, including articles and modules.
  • Multilingual – Can be easily translated to your local language, if a translation is not already available.