How to resolve typical dataTable warnings

Sometimes if you create a table with dynamic features, such as search/filtering, pagination and sorting you may get the following javascript error:

DataTables warning (table id = 'tab_82GIgA72AZ'): Cannot reinitialise DataTable.
To retrieve the DataTables object for this table, pass no arguments or see the docs for bRetrieve and bDestroy

As the message says you are initializing the same table twice. You have noticed that right before the table Tabulizer adds a directive similar to:

{tabulizer:include style[demo.css] datatable[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] id[tab_dAafkj4NPO]}}

<table id="tab_dAafkj4NPO" class="tabtable-ruleset_fs" data-ruleset="demo.xml:ruleset_fs"> <thead><tr class="tabrow "><td class="tabcol">1</td><td class="tabcol">2</td><td class="tabcol">3</td></tr> </thead><tbody><tr class="tabrow "><td class="tabcol">4</td><td class="tabcol">5</td><td class="tabcol">6</td></tr> </tbody></table> 

There should be one directive for each table. If there are two directives the table will be re-initialized again.

The other explanation is that your site cache falsely keeps the multiple copies of the same javascript code. For instance, this was an issue with the progressive cache in Joomla 2.5 and perhaps the same issue exists with other extensions/templates that handle site caching.

For (1) you can view the contents of your article and see if there are multiple directive for the same table. ,/p>

For (2) you can disable site wide cache and see if this makes any difference. The standard Joomla cache is under global configuration -> system tab -> cache settings. Your Joomla template probably has it's own cache mechanism, so you should visit template's configuration page to clear/disable cache temporarily. If you have installed a 3rd party cache extension you need to disable it temporarily as well.

Note in the latest Tabulizer versions there is a workaround for the Joomla cache bug, so you don't have to do anything.