How to edit ruleset's CSS file

While working with rulesets, at some points you may want to modify its companion CSS file. This is the file that keeps all table styling, so if you change it all tables created with this ruleset will be affected.

Let's start by locating this file. There are two way to locate and edit this file:

  1. Using Tabulizer's back-end panel
    This is the easiest and safest approach, because you have the extra tools and if you click on the Apply button you can preview the changes without leaving the page.

    When you click on the Edit link, the following page appears.
    The Append Recommended CSS Declarations generates automatically the skeleton CSS statements based on the rules you have added to the ruleset archive and it's very handy if you are building the ruleset manually.
  2. Direct edit (FTP + Text/CSS editor)
    This option is best when you prefer to work with your favorite editor. The companion CSS files for all rulesets are located in the following folders:
    • {joomla root directory}/templates/tabulizer/css (for Joomla sites)
    • {wordpress root directory}/wp-content/plugins/tabulizer/templates /tabulizer/css (for Wordpress sites)
    The name of the CSS file is usually the same as the ruleset archive, so for instance if the archive is then the CSS file will be rs_uuuuuu.css and the full path will be /templates/tabulizer/css/rs_uuuuuu.css. If you don't remember the name of the archive, you can find it via Tabulizer's main panel. If you select this option, you have to download the CSS file at your local PC (e.g. FTP), edit it using your favorite editor and then upload the modified version to your server.