How to import data from a Google Spreadshet document

Update: A new version of this article can be found here. The updated version of this tutorial was necessary as Google changed in 2014 the way of publishing spreadsheet documents.

Google Spreadsheet documents can be read by Tabulizer and it's an ideal solution if you have more than one collaborators that are working on the same document. As you can publish the Google spreadsheet document as CSV, you can define a data source that will link the document to a table and everytime the document is updated that linked table will be updated as well.

To get the basic idea watch this video on how it can be done.

The basic steps on how to publish the Google document are summarized below:

Google for some strange reason, does not display all the publish options when you create a new document directly from the Drive, but it does show them if you create a New Document while you are editing an existing one.