How to handle very large data sets with server side processing

If the table is very large, it makes sense to add features such as table sorting and filtering. These operation take place on the client side (browser) using javascript code. This is not an issue if the table size is small, but when it becomes really big than:

  • The time to download the page that contains the table data increases.
  • The time to construct and process the DOM model increases significantly as well.

As a result the page might take too long to load, giving the impression to the end user that the page is unavailable.

In such extreme cases, the server side processing may help you by loading initially an empty table that will load only the necessary data via AJAX calls to the server. This is a new experimental features, available in version 4.1 so use it with caution!

In order to enable server side processing you need to create a data source and set the Server Side checkbox to YES, as shown below:

This is the resulting table (we have added one table rule for table pagination and search filtering).