Table filtering on selected columns

With Tabulizer v4.1 you can add search/filtering controls that will search specific columns, instead of the whole table. On top of that, you can give in the page URL a value that will act as the initial value for the column(s) search filter.

Let's look at an example. By adding the following rule, I'm adding search/filter functionality to the table.

More specifically, I have defined two search filters on the 3rd column and on the 4th column. The specifier input means it will add a search input box, while the specifier select means that it will add a select control automatically populate with all the values in the specified column. Apparently, the select option is appropriate only in cases where the column takes a limited number of values.

Let's see how the resulting table looks like:

YearOlympiadHost citySeason
1972XXWest Germany Munich, West GermanySummer
1972XIJapan Sapporo, JapanWinter
1976XXICanada Montreal, CanadaSummer
1976XIIUnited States Denver, United StatesWinter
1980XXIISoviet Union Moscow, Soviet UnionSummer
1988XIIIUnited States Lake Placid, United StatesWinter
1984XXIIIUnited States Los Angeles, United StatesSummer
1988XIVSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Sarajevo, YugoslaviaWinter
1988XXIVSouth Korea Seoul, South KoreaSummer
1988XVCanada Calgary, CanadaWinter
1992XXVSpain Barcelona, SpainSummer
1994XVIINorway Lillehammer, NorwayWinter
1996XXVIUnited States Atlanta, United StatesSummer
1998XVIIIJapan Nagano, JapanWinter
2000XXVIIAustralia Sydney, AustraliaSummer
2002XIXUnited States Salt Lake City, United StatesWinter
2004XXVIIIGreece Athens, GreeceSummer