How to download or email graph chart as image file

Tabulizer allows you to make a graph downloadable with a single rule. This is very useful in cases where you want the users/visitors to be able to download the graph as image file.

In the following table we have added a rule so that quot;downloadquot; and quot;emailquot; buttons will appear below the table. With regard to email functionality, the user is allowed to specify the recipients of the message, as well as the title and the message contents. If you wish, you can restrict this functionality.

Here is how you can make downloaded an existing graph ruleset:
  1. Locate the ruleset archive name that you used to produce this graph. Normally, this was downloaded from the online graph creation wizard and should have a name similar to rs_8zw19se9 (without the extension).
  2. In the templates/tabulizer/graph folder, edit the corresponding xml file (rs_8zw19se9.xml in our example)
  3. Look for the graph tag and add the attribute export_image="download email". For instance, in our example we would change:
    <graph type="pie" num_of_series="1" width="500px" height="300px" />
    <graph type="pie" num_of_series="1" width="500px" height="300px" export_image="download email" />

For a detailed list of available options please consult the documentation.