Add a row counter with the rowcount modification function

This article discusses how to add a row counter at any column of your table.

Let's begin with what we want to achieve. Here is the input table:

LeBron James Cavaliers
Kevin Durant Warriors
Stephen Curry Warriors
Kawhi Leonard Spurs
James Harden Rockets

And here is the table after the rowcount modification function has been applied:

1 LeBron James Cavaliers
2 Kevin Durant Warriors
3 Stephen Curry Warriors
4 Kawhi Leonard Spurs
5 James Harden Rockets

The rowcount takes the following arguments:

number of top header rows, number of bottom header rows, column id where the row counter will appear,row counter prefix, row counter sufix


  • 1: The number of top header rows
  • 0:
  • 1:
  • (: The prefix that appears before the row count. Usually is empty.
  • ): The sufix that appears after the row count. Usually is empty.

The most common arguments are expected to be the following:

You can download the rowcount modification function along with the demo ruleset by clicking here. When you import the ruleset check the YES, overwrite safemode settings.. Also, make sure you are using Tabulizer version 5.2.11 or newer.