How to install manually a ruleset archive

Normally you will not have to install a ruleset archive manually, because there is an Import Archive toolbar button that performs this task safely with a single click.

Nevertheless, this may be necessary when the archive file ( appeared to be corrupted or the browser has added an extra folder, thus breaking the file structure.

In this case, you can install the arching by simply coping the contents of the contained folders to the appropriate web server paths. So, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Unzip the archive file locally

Unzip the locally. It should contained the subfolder rules and a few other subfolders, such as the css for the tables, the graph for graphs and so on.

Step 2: Copy the contents of the subfolders to the appropriate location

Joomla users:

From: To:
rules {joomla root directory}/templates/tabulizer/rules
css {joomla root directory}/templates/tabulizer/css
images {joomla root directory}/templates/tabulizer/images
modify {joomla root directory}/templates/tabulizer/modify
graph {joomla root directory}/templates/tabulizer/graph
do the same with the rest of the contained subfolders

Wordpress users:

From: To:
rules {wordpress root directory}/wp-content/plugins/tabulizer/templates/tabulizer/rules
css {wordpress root directory}/wp-content/plugins/tabulizer/templates/tabulizer/css
images {wordpress root directory}/wp-content/plugins/tabulizer/templates/tabulizer/images
modify {wordpress root directory}/wp-content/plugins/tabulizer/templates/tabulizer/modify
graph {wordpress root directory}/wp-content/plugins/tabulizer/templates/tabulizer/graph
do the same with the rest of the contained subfolders
Important note: With this process you cannot install any contained data sources.