Display tables to registered users only or certain user groups

Even though there is no built-in support to display a Table created with Tabulizer to certain user groups or registered users only, it's very easy to do that using another Joomla or Wordpress plugin that does exactly that.

For instance, Joomla users can install the free Content Filter plugin which filter the content of an article according to users' Joomla! usergroup. Similarly, Wordpress Users can use the free plugin Super Simple Post / Page Restrictor.

Once the user is logged in, the user id is available as a system parameter to the data sources and the modification functions. For example, if you want to display a table with information that is specific to the logged in user, you can construct a data source of type database with the following query:

SELECT * FROM #_shop_orders WHERE user_id = {user_id}

Some other environmental parameters that are available to you are:
• {user_name}
• {user_email}
• {user_fullname}
• {user_lastvisit_date}
• {user_register_date}
• {user_groupids}
• {site_lang}
• {current_datetime}

For more information please consult the documentation.