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Demo for Fixed Headers + Expand Responsive Pattern

A basic ruleset for demonstrating the fixed headers and expand responsive pattern.
Sample Tables
RankTimeWind (m/s)AthleteCountryDateLocation
19.58+0.9Usain Bolt Jamaica16 August 2009Berlin
29.69+2.0Tyson Gay United States20 September 2009Shanghai
39.69-0.1Yohan Blake Jamaica23 August 2012Lausanne
49.72+0.2Asafa Powell Jamaica2 September 2008Lausanne
59.78+0.9Nesta Carter Jamaica29 August 2010Rieti
69.79+0.1Maurice Greene United States16 June 1999Athens
79.79+1.5Justin Gatlin United States5 August 2012London
89.80+1.3Steve Mullings Jamaica4 June 2011Eugene
99.82+1.7Richard Thompson Trinidad and Tobago21 June 2014Port of Spain
109.84+0.7Donovan Bailey Canada27 July 1996Atlanta
Resize the browser window to see how it look like on a smaller devices, if you are viewing this page from a desktop monitor. Tip: Use expand for the column that you want to be expandable. Use Phone for columns you want to hide in smartphones, Tablet for columns you want to hide in tablets of smaller devices and All for columns you want to fide in all sizes. Leave no selection for columns that you want to appear always.