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Demo for Column Filtering

A basic ruleset for column filtering, i.e. each selected column has its own separate search filter.
Sample Tables
RankTimeWind (m/s)AthleteCountryDateLocation
19.58+0.9Usain Bolt Jamaica16 August 2009Berlin
29.69+2.0Tyson Gay United States20 September 2009Shanghai
39.69-0.1Yohan Blake Jamaica23 August 2012Lausanne
49.72+0.2Asafa Powell Jamaica2 September 2008Lausanne
59.78+0.9Nesta Carter Jamaica29 August 2010Rieti
69.79+0.1Maurice Greene United States16 June 1999Athens
79.79+1.5Justin Gatlin United States5 August 2012London
89.80+1.3Steve Mullings Jamaica4 June 2011Eugene
99.82+1.7Richard Thompson Trinidad and Tobago21 June 2014Port of Spain
109.84+0.7Donovan Bailey Canada27 July 1996Atlanta
119.84+0.2Bruny Surin Canada22 August 1999Seville
129.85+1.2Leroy Burrell United States6 July 1994Lausanne
139.85+1.7Olusoji Fasuba Nigeria12 May 2006Ad-Dawhah
149.85+1.3Mike Rodgers United States4 June 2011Eugene
159.86+1.2Carl Lewis United States25 August 1991Tokyo
169.86-0.7Frankie Fredericks Namibia3 July 1996Lausanne
179.86+1.8Ato Boldon Trinidad and Tobago19 April 1998Walnut
189.86+0.6Francis Obikwelu Portugal22 August 2004Athens
199.86+1.4Keston Bledman Trinidad and Tobago23 June 2012Port of Spain
209.87+0.3Linford Christie United Kingdom15 August 1993Stuttgart
219.87-0.2Obadele Thompson [A] Barbados11 September 1998Johannesburg
229.88+1.8Shawn Crawford United States19 June 2004Eugene
239.88+1.0Walter Dix United States8 August 2010Nottwil
249.88+0.9Ryan Bailey United States29 August 2010Rieti
259.88+1.0Michael Frater Jamaica30 June 2011Lausanne
This ruleset demonstrates the typical scenario where we will add an empty row right below the top header, just to put the filters there. The empty row can be added in the source data as well. Also notice there are various types of filters. For instance, if your type the values of the column. The location filter will find all locations that start with the given search phrase while the athlete filter will search for all rows that contain the key phrase anywhere in the athlete's name (start to end of the string).