Tabulizer's Gallery Module

What it does

Tabulizer's Gallery Module offers a convenient way to display an image gallery that you have constructed via a use of Tabulizer's data source.

How it works

You simply select the desired data source from the list of available data sources, as shown below:

That's it! The rest of the parameters, are the standard Joomla module parameters. If you want to create a new data source, please read Tabulizer's documentation, including the following tutorial:

Note: Image galleries are not limited to module positions, but they can be displayed everywhere, including Joomla articles and 3rd party extensions using data source tags. Use the Data Source Tags editor's button to generate and insert the tag.


What makes Tabulizer a unique solution when it comes to displaying an image gallery is its versatility and the ease of creation once you have learned the basic principles. Here are some possibilities:

  • Convert a table that contains a list of image filenames into a gallery with the polaroid effect.
  • Add titles or labels to each image file.
  • Read the images from a folder, instead of typing the list of files. You can also apply a regular expression filter to read only specific filenames, and to specify whether you want to read recursively all the subfolder.
  • Read the images from various external source, including a database, an Excel file or a CVS/Text file. Let the image gallery get updated automatically when the source (e.g. the Excel file) is modified.


Just look at the bottom of this page. It displays an image gallery with the "polaroid" effect.

Tabulizer's Gallery Module