Joomla Installation: Overcoming the 2MB file upload limit

In most cases, installing Tabulizer is a straightforward process just like any other Joomla extension. Nevertheless, web servers impose a limit as to how large a file can be uploaded via PHP. This can be as low as 2MB and as Tabulizer installation file is slightly over 2MB, it becomes impossible to upload and therefore can't get installed. Even if the file is uploaded correctly, problems can arise with the extraction of the file contents.

Considerations when you are importing large files (CSV/Excel)

Tabulizer does not impose any limitation on how large your CSV file can be, but your web server settings may do that. More specifically, there is the PHP memory limit and the PHP max execution time that indirectly put a limit on how large the CSV/Excel file can be. In order to resolve server side memory and time execution limitations the proper and easiest way is to increase these limits via php.ini or ask your web server admin/support to do that for you.

Graphs: Numeric Label Format

When you create a graph with numeric labels, it's possible to use the Format String field to specify the exact numeric format. For instance, the value %d will display the numeric values as integers, whereas the value %0.2f will display them as decimal numbers with two decimal places. 

How to install manually a ruleset archive

Normally you will not have to install a ruleset archive manually, because there is an Import Archive toolbar button that performs this task safely with a single click.

Nevertheless, this may be necessary when the archive file ( appeared to be corrupted or the browser has added an extra folder, thus breaking the file structure.