Ruleset = Table Template

Well, not exactly, because a ruleset is much more than a styling preset! Apart from styling rules a ruleset can contain rules for data formatting, text replacements, simple calculations and much more. Read More ...

Premium Ruleset Catalog

Ruleset archives with advanced features for premium members, i.e. members with an active subscription of 6 months or 1 year. These are provided as a courtesy to our premium members to play with the more advanced features of Tabulizer. There is no guarantee that they will work with other features/rules and they come with a very limited support.

RSS2 Feed Reader - Sample ruleset

Tabulizer has built-in functionality to act as an advanced RSS Feed Reader. This ruleset demonstrates how to do that by displaying a customized version of Google Top News Stories RSS feed.
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Polaroid Image Gallery

With this ruleset you can turn a list of image filenames into a fancy polaroid image gallery! So, why use a dedicated gallery extension, when you can do it with Tabulizer?
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Sticky Notes

This is a fun ruleset that demonstrates how to turn a regular table into a sticky notes announcement board.
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Sticky Headers with Horizontal Scrolling and Pagination

This is an experimental ruleset for those who want to have more then one left fixed (sticky) headers, while the rest of table columns scroll to the right. By changing a few parameters you can implement horizontal pagination, meaning that the visitor can click on the next/previous buttons to move to the next or previous block of columns.
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Pricing Tables - Collection 1

A list of responsive pricing tables that can be used with no HTML editing required!
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Monthly Calendar

This ruleset archive demonstrates the use of the ical modification function that can be used to display a table as an event calendar.
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Tournament Bracket

Turn your table data into bracket!
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