Tabulizer vs TablePress for Wordpress - Which is the best Wordpress table plugin for you?

TablePress is an excellent Wordpress plugin that helps users to create and add tables to their Wordpress posts. Even though it looks similar to Tabulizer, in reality they are two different applications that share a few common functionalities. The table below summarizes some of their key similarities and differences:

Feature Tabulizer TablePress
Table sort YES. Both client side and server side for larger data sets. You can exclude certain columns (i.e. make them non-sortable) and specify which header row will contain the sorting controls. YES. Only client side sorting is supported for all columns on the top row.
Table filter YES. Both client side and server side for larger data sets. You can filter the whole table, or have more and one column filter(s). YES. Only client side and only table-wide.
Table pagination YES. Both client side and server side for larger data sets. You an select "arrows only" or "arrows with numbers", pagination length and theme. YES. client side only. No options to choose from other the pagination length.
Server Side Data YES. Instead of loading all the table data, just a subset will be loaded initially and the rest of the table data will be fetched when needed. This is extremely important for large tables with many rows. Using server side processing and caching the loading time of the table can be reduced to just a few seconds. Not available.
Responsive Design 6 responsive patterns to choose from. Not available. There is only a horizontal scrollbar option.
Stying Custom CSS code, pre-built table templates and the use of an online template creation wizard to style your table with no HTML/CSS skills required. It is possible to style rows/columns/cells under certain criteria that you choose. Custom CSS code only based on table id or table class.
Data formatting YES. Format dates, strings and numbers. Not available.
Data modification YES. Remove rows/columns under certain criteria, modify table data before further processing. Not available.
Data replacement YES. Search and replace specific strings. Not available.
Table splitting YES. You can split the table into multiple tables, based on certain criteria. Not available.
Data importation YES. Excel, CSV, XML, remote web page (any page table can be specified), SQL query to local or remote database, RSS feeds, post/article data, published data from another data source in JSON format. YES. Excel, CSV, JSON, remove page (only first page table can be specified).
Table Export You can export your table data as CSV, Excel file. You can also email table data to other recipients. YES. CSV, HTML and JSON format.
Dynamic Table Data YES. You can define a data source that is linking a table to an external data source (e.g. an Excel file), so when the external source is updated the linked Wordpress table is updated as well. Very common with Excel files. Not available.
Table to graph conversion Using an online graph creation wizard you can create a graph template that you can use subsequently to convert your table data into a graph. The graph is dynamic and it can resizable or responsive. Not available.
Customized table data conversions Yes, using various modification functions you can turn your table data into an image gallery, an RSS feed reader or an event calendar. The possibilities are truly limitless. Visit demo page for some examples. Not available.