Tabulizer version 4.1 - What's new

Tabulizer version 4.1 is finally here and it brings many exciting and highly anticipated new features. Here is a summary of them with references to demo pages:

  • Table data can be downloaded as file (CSV, Excel) and/or emailed to user selected recipients [view demo]
  • Graph image can be downloaded as file (png,gif,jpg) and/or emailed to user selected recipients [view demo]
  • Graphs can be responsive [view demo]
  • Graphs can be resizable [view demo]
  • A new rule was introduced that allows you to remove rows and columns from the input table data based on certain criteria, like remove all rows that have a date value in the 3rd column that is older than the last 30 days or remove all column that contain the text value "Cancelled" [view demo]
  • Data sources can contain user defined variables or system parameters. You can use this feature if you have multiple data sources that vary only slightly,or you want user customized output.
    • Example 1
      A data source can have a database query similar to SELECT * FROM #__orders WHERE user = {user_id}. The parameter {user_id} will be replaced by the actual user id of the currently logged in user and as a result, each user will see a different table view with this personalized data. Another exam
    • Example 2
      A data source has a database query to show a list of articles similar to SELECT * FROM #__content LIMIT {user_param_1:int}. The parameter {user_param_1:int} is user defined variable (of type integer) and it will be replaced by the actual value given either in the editor (while inserting the data source) or in the GET/POST request. [view demo]
  • You can search/filter the table in two ways, either all table rows and columns or specific columns. You can filter specific column either by using a input text box per column or a select box per column. [view demo]
  • You can pre-populate the table search/filter boxes with values given in the URL of the page.
  • When sorting the table, you can ignore some header columns (i.e. have no sorting controls) [view demo]
  • The sorting header is not anymore necessarily the top row, but it can the 2nd row, the 3rd row, etc. [view demo]
  • The table can have sorting controls without being initially sorted
  • Some new ranges have been introduced that allows you to select rows, columns or cells based on cell value comparison for a specified data type. For instance, you can select all rows the in the 5th column contain a date that is more than 30 days older from now.
  • A catch-all custom function can be defined to pre-process the table data before the rest of the rules are applied. [view demo]
  • A new experimental feature has been added that is essential for very large input data. Using server side processing, only the necessary data will be loaded on the client side (browser). The rest will be loaded dynamically via Ajax when needed. [view demo]
  • The data source cache has been reworked so it can handle real large data.
  • A lot of minor bugs have been fixed